A New Start

My dear friends,

I hope you have had a stupendous holiday season and are ready for the start of a new year. I have lots of hopes and excitement for the future. The future of my blog, of my education, of my relationships, and for the people around me.

I wish you the best in 2014 and hope you reach your full potential this year!

In other news, I GOT A CAMERA FOR CHRISTMAS. Oh yes. Prepare yourself...IMG_0004 IMG_0015_1 IMG_0051 IMG_0067 IMG_0073 IMG_0090 IMG_0103


Hooray! I have so much to learn and cannot wait to share pictures and recipes for you all.

Please bear with me as I get my life organized again when I go back to school and settle into a new routine. I have loads of new recipes to try, so I promise they will be coming your way!

Thank you for an awesome 2013 and cheers to a bright 2014!