Motivation Board!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to show you all a little project I completed a couple days ago. As you may have seen in my post the other day, I was on Pinterest and found a great idea... a motivation wall!  Allow me to call them MWs for short :)

MWs can be created for any challenge/obstacle/hardship you are going through or wish to conquer. As you know, I love to take good care of my body, rather than always focus on losing weight. (note: the weight takes care of itself!). Anyway, my MW is full of inspirational quotes and pick-me-ups for day to day challenges.

I had an old bulletin board that had a couple insignificant things on them, so I decided to revive it with color and (MOTIVATION!).
Ryan Reynolds <3 :)

Grad party dress
I gathered a bunch of different quotes from various health and wellness blogs and picked the ones that inspired me most to put on my board. Whatever makes your heart beat a little faster should go up there! (Ryan Reynolds for me ;)

Include your weight loss goal on your board, if that's what you're aiming towards. Every pound you lose is a pound closer, so celebrate often! Put up things that make you smile and know that everything is going to be okay.

Include a certain clothing item that you wish to feel great in! I put my grad party dress up because I want to feel great tomorrow and feel like I earned that feeling.

Set realistic goals for yourself. Don't force yourself to lose 20 pounds in a week, you'll just be discouraged if you don't reach it. Make sure what you're working toward is something you know you can attain.

What are some things that you might put on your motivation board? I'd love to hear!